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Reduce playback volume of decks

My files are always in the red, and then when they get to my processing software, they are sometimes overmodulated, and it's not able to turn them down, and I get distortion.

I don't want to modify my files, as they are set exactly the way they came.

I want to reduce the playback volume on the decks, and then, when necessary, my processing software will pull them up.

I am trying PlayItLive after using other software for some time. In that software, I could adjust the volume of the mix. For example, I could have it play at 80% of volume, and I didn't have these issues.

Is there any way to turn the overall volume down some?

I ended up having it analyze my tracks, which I think will meet my requirements for now.

That's one approach (and not a bad one).

I generally use MP3 Gain ( ) to set the target loudness of files.

Depending on the origin of the files they often need a reduction in loudness (which MP3Gain does well).

There is also a plugin which does processing but a downstream processor is probably better than doing it on each player.

What are you using for processing?

I'm using Stereo Tool.

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