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Send NowPlaying info to Shoutcast server

 Hi, i have many problems with getting the metadata on a website. Like, how do I correctly send the metadata (song title and artist) via a http request so that a website can retrieve it, and how can I make the website retrieve it correctly?

By the way, I use Shoutcast.

The first thing is, for most applications you probably need the "Now Playing" Plugin.

This can be a bit tricky to get working and the interaction with the shoutcast server needs to be considered.

The simplest way of using "now playing" is to get it to save a file of title & artist in a suitable location and get the streaming application to use that. You will then have a stream with now playing data embedded in it and if you play it on a streaming client it will show the now playing information.

My guess is that the TCP/IP function of the "Now Playing" plugin would do the job.

How does the shoutcast server provider suggest you do it?


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