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play it live crashing mid to end of tracks slow loading tracks on log

 hi playit team

we have been having few issues even after last update play it crashing middle and almost end of tracks are  95% MP3 some are M4A files  this is causing the playit player to freeze and it will not allow a start/restart on the system ,the pc has to be forced of by power button on cpu everytime it crashes. the computer has been fully rebuild in last 2 months  this was happening before rebuild then it would run for 140 hours to 238 hours fairly  ok.In the last week it crashed four times and there no controal of the computer remotely

other issue is when loading track or new groups it taking as least 12 to 24 hours for the track to load into the scheduler log on clock schedule .

i loaded a new group yesterday morning at 8.30 am and it took it till 10.30 am this morning to show the first track of two in the group to show in the log for playing.

Hi JP,

This is not a widely reported issue so this likely an issue with your system. If the system is completely locked out and requires someone to press a power button to reset it then this indicates something corrupt on your system. Without more information about your system I cannot suggest anything further. It is not clear what you mean by the computer being full rebuilt. To me this would mean every component was replaced with brand new (not second hand) components.

Can you provide more details regarding loading new tracks, ideally screenshots. Depending on how far you schedule ahead, any new tracks will only be considered for scheduling when a new hour is scheduled. 

Hi Jason rebuild was win 10 reinstalled  to give PC fresh rebuild.

please find word doc of the screen shots how i load tracks

the play it is just used on this PC  as AUTO DJ Only Jukebox and for prerecorded shows and general music.


If your system is freezing after a fresh install of Windows then this sounds like a faulty component in your system, such as a memory RAM stick, CPU or graphics card. If you are not able to diagnose which component may be faulty you may need a new machine entirely. The spec you have shown is actually less than the minimum requirements for PlayIt Live specified here:

With regards to adding tracks, even though you have filtered to a track group in the track list, this is unrelated to the 'Add New' process. You don't need to filter the track list before adding new tracks to that track group.

For what it's worth, I had a long running instability problem with a PC and that was the RAM.

The PC had 4 x 2GB sticks of RAM and I finally fixed the problem (which was irregular random crashes) by getting a couple more RAM modules of exactly the same type.

At some stage the machine had been upgraded by adding a different make and they didn't seem to work well together.    

And on the other topic, do you by any chance use Dropbox or similar to get the files to the PC?

I wonder if they take a long time to actually download to the PC from Dropbox.

 hi mark on the PC there was only a 4gb of ram then we got it upgraded to 8gb with 2 X 4gb the detail of old 4gb was sent to supplier of the to match the 2nd one.

regarding Dropbox we did have an issue with it on same PC were files could have to be downloaded up till 6 times. before it would be properly downloaded.

but don't have any issues now from what i remember i uninstalled Dropbox and reinstalled it.

that seemed to sort it and files are downloaded on first go now and with in sec

and the PC got the freshen up with reinstall of win 10

its  "Dropbox for S mode" of Microsoft app store we use.

It's a bit of a guess but I would at least take the RAM modules out and swap them round (as much as anything to reseat them) and see how that goes. 

If they are different makes then try replacing one with the same make as the other one.

I've also used CPU-Z for system investigation in the past.

I'm also a bit suspicious of "Dropbox for S mode". It isn't likely to be the cause of the crashes (assuming the PC isn't in "S Mode") but I don't think it is what you want for a "normal" windows install.


I think we finally found the problem with the play it crashing.

with a lot of trial and error.

there was a new single 8gb memory put it and after 96 hrs it crashed again

With doing a bit of searching on the main Lenovo website for trouble shoot.

there were a few software drivers on the site showing that was out of date.

one of them was a BIOS Update. after this it was running good for 180 hrs no issues. till i had to stop playit to do play it updates that was released in the last week I just going to let it run to see how many hrs it clocks up


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