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PlayIt Recorder not automatically deleting old recordings

I'm using the setting in PlayIt Recorder to "Delete old recordings after..." and I've set it to 20 days or 10% disc space left. It doesn't do it. Neither of the limits work. The disc fills up and the program stops recording.

As it happens, I'm also using a program called Deep Freeze (which is currently turned off) that, when on, restores a computer to it's original state upon rebooting. Deep Freeze seems to do this partly by creating a virtual disc of some kind. The large size of this disc I could imagine might flummox Recorder's algorithm for getting the remaining disc space.

However, that doesn't explain the not-deleting-after-20-days limit.

Also, I've tried using both a C drive folder and Deep Freeze's "Thaw Space" virtual disc to hold the recordings and the result is the same. No matter what I do, the disc fills up and Recorder stops recording, never deleting the old material.

Any help or fix would be appreciated.

-John Schwenk, Chief Engineer, WRTC Radio (a college radio station)

Hi John,

PlayIt Recorder requires that the recording history is stored in order to know which files to delete. This data is stored in C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Recorder. If this is reset then PlayIt Recorder will forget it ever recorded the files and will therefore not know to delete them.

There is a post here to show how you can change the path of the application data using the CustomApplicationDataPath switch to specify a different folder that does not get reset:

Thanks, Jason. I didn't expect a personal reply!

Since Deep Freeze is turned off, the program data is not being reset as far as I can tell.

C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Recorder\ has files created on 3/6/2017 (presumably when I installed the program) with some modified as recently as today. The Logs folder in there has 361 files that range in date modified from 3/6/2016 to today.



Hi John,

Has this been running fine for the past year and has only started stopping to delete historical files?

You can try sending me your Recorder data and logs using this tool and I can take a look:

No, it has never deleted the files automatically. I periodically do so manually (when I get to it). I've tried various settings in the meantime.

I'm part time where the system is and won't return there until Monday at which point I'll run your tool and get back to you.



I just ran your diagnostic tool (which is quite impressive) and sent you 24 days worth of data.

As I mentioned in my first post, I suspect this may have something to do with our Deep Freeze software even though that software is currently set to off.

Thanks for your attention!


Hi John,

Can you confirm the version you are using? On PlayIt Recorder go to Help > About...



Version 1.05 (Build 192).

Indeed, I haven't updated since I installed it.


Hi John,

I think we found the source of your problem:

v1.05 (Build 213)


  • Fixing issue where file cleanup did not always work

I'd suggest updating your copy of PlayIt Recorder to the latest version.



I installed the update and it immediately deleted old files. (Or at least I think there were old files there before...) Thanks! I'm very sorry I didn't try that. As a former software developer myself, I do know better.

I don't make purchasing decisions, but I'll look into modules or support that we might spend some of our tiny budget on.

Most appreciated!

-John Schwenk, WRTC Chief Engineer

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