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Item with same key has already been added

I keep having this pop up on PlayIt live, asking to send error report.

"Item with same key has already been added" It shows up at random times ruffly once a day. Once send error report it will close the software which I understand.

I tried logging the licence out and back in to renew the licence key. The system is operating linked to manager. All systems got updated to latest stable version last Sunday which could have coursed the licence conflict.

Im wanting to know more about what it means by "Item with same key has already been added" Is it someone using our licence key aswell?

Hi Joseph,

The error here is related to a key in a dictionary (technical documentation if you really want to read about this: Nothing to do with a licence key. Have you clicked to Send the Report? I can't see anything related to this in the system.


Thank you for your response Jason

we have clicked send report every time. But it closes the program as soon as you press it.

So if its a windows fault with a missing key is it a reinstall or playit or a windows reinstall. It is still running Windows 7 so would go to Windows 10.

Hi Joseph,

Please can you click Save As File and send the file to

Kind regards,


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