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Hi guys do anyone knows how much music I can download to the Playit Live ?

I have 50 songs so far but don't want to overdo it, will it crash? What's the limit on songs?

Thanks for replying Jason.

Very useful to about Wasn't aware that existed. A little pricey but they have a good selection of music.

Thanks again,


The music library was built over many users from downloads from Amazon. Depending on the kind of music you need there are music services such as Promo Only who offer libraries of music tracks:

Also for large libraries of uncompressed music complete with cue points.

Afternoon Jason,

I've been using PlayIt Live for a few months now and the music library is growing steadily. I have two questions; where did you obtain the music files as featured in your self help vids and would you know of any decent music libraries out there which contain radio friendly tracks?

Thanks Jason

Hi Steve. PlayIt Live can support tens of thousands of tracks in its system.

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