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Play-it Recorder Convert to Flac


I use the recorder to archive programs, made by our radio station.

We like to use the FLAC fromat for that.

I config Recorder in settings to convert to another format by cheking the checkbox and then selecting Advanced

Click browse and select the path to flac.exe...and hey it wants to save now instead of using the path to the encoder.

Oke i will put the path in myself...Click OK to save  this....

But hen recording i get an mp3 file.....

hmm lets get back to the settings....

the checkbox convert to other format is still selected....but my advanced setting are not there, both form fields are emty.

So Click advanced again, hey my input in the forms are stil there....

Saved again, but checking did not help...

Kind regards,


 Forgot to tell, i'm using Windows 10

Kind regards,


Hi Dennis

The advanced encoder appears to have broken in the latest version. Please download this version which should resolve the issue:

For the flac.exe parameters you should use:

- -o "{filepath}"

Note the opening '-' which indicates stdin.

 hmm, trying quick record with the following


No records at to be found.

Waht am i doing wrong?

Kind regards


the database say there is a flac file, there is no fysical one to be found on disk.

I use these serttings


kind regards.


Literally use “{filepath}” The software will replace it with the correct file name.

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Yess, that was the Trick!

It's working now!

thank you very much.


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