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More fonctionnalities for the Manager ?

 Hello to you and happy new year 2021 !!!

I wanted to know if it was planned, in the long term, to find on the Manager the same functionalities as on PlayIt Live?

What I find it unfortunate about the Manager :

- not being able to export broadcast reports, songs and ads.

- not being able to manage scheduled events

- not being able to filter the tracks (for editing) by groups of tracks in the "Tracks" section.

- not being able to duplicate clocks.

I know the software is evolving quickly, and for the best of my liking, and I very much hope that these features will arrive soon.

Thanks again for all the hard work!

Hi Yann,

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the remote management browser interface will be updated to align with existing functionality of the desktop interface. I'm afraid I can't give any time estimate for when this will be available.


Thank you Jason, 

so I look forward to these developments!

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