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music going out my mic when push to talk is pressed

hi playit team when i press push to talk 

my music seems to be going out my mic 

and not my voice?

how can i stop this as when you press push to talk 

yes i have the settings completed to fade but it shouldn't bring out 

my music as well

no one answering? i need help?

It’s a bit hard to tell why. I would anticipate a mixture of both mic and music. Good instructions at;

hi mark i have done all that?

It sounds like you might have the wrong device selected as the microphone input device.

One possible error is to have a mixer or sound card with a "loop" facility switched on. This will return the audio sent to the sound card back mixed in with the microphone feed.

Screen shot the settings pages and also provide some information on your setup (make/models etc.) and it may be possible to do a bit of remote diagnosis.


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