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Delete files from Audio Store?

Hi there all,
I'm using the Voice Track module with great success. I have my format set to WAV for best quality.
My C drive is not the biggest and in just a couple of weeks the files in the Audio Store have reached over 2Gb in size.
Is it safe to delete these files once the remote session has completed? I'm guessing that the answer is 'yes' but as I usually have about 15 hours of VT recorded at any one time, I'm reluctant to do this unless I'm sure.
Also, is it possible to have the files automatically deleted once the hour has been 'broadcast'?
Many thanks!

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Hi Simon,

Anything recorded into your PlayIt VoiceTrack recordings folder can be deleted after you have finished your remote session.

Audio Store files stored by PlayIt Live from a remote session are difficult to determine which ones are safe to delete - I guess those that have not been modified for a while can be safely deleted. I've noted your request to delete these automatically after broadcast.

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