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Is there a basic set up video anywhere. (Newbie Here)

I'm new to using play it and I would really appreciate it if someone would post a link to a detailed set up video from scratch please. .  I've had a quick look but they all seem to be software feature driven video's. . 

My email:


Rea. . 

From my perspective it’s a bit like many pieces of new software. You need to just try it. It will install and run on more or less any hardware but under powered hardware tends to have audio glitches when you are doing anything else while playing audio. The simplest application is to import some music and make a schedule manually by adding song then playing it. The thing I had most trouble with initially was sound cards and that tended to be more the sound card driver than PlayIt Live. I suggest installing PlaIt Live on a system to test then depending on your application, watching the videos as needed.

Hi Mark.  
Thank you for your reply. I've not got any problems with hardware. We do talk radio this end.  So its mostly Remote url's. My problem at the moment is being able to break in over the top of what is playing and then the audio that is playing ducks out and then back in again. .  Work in progress. .

Thank you 

Hello Rea,

That's one of the difficulties with a "starter" video, different people want to do different things.

With remote URLs the ability to schedule streaming sources or downloadable files is good.

If you have few (or no) "local" (in studio) sources and you are assembling a complete station from recorded or streamed sources PlayIt Live can work well (in what is a "continuity" role) but there is considerable work to do to make the programme junctions and timing work well with an automated schedule.

I have the impression quite a lot of users are doing something similar.

Some people seem to use separate FTP programmes to download the pre-records into a folder (possibly overwriting the previous edition) and then using "swept folders" in PlayIt Live to recognise the latest content and drop it into the schedule.

Possibly others doing the same thing will comment on their workflow.

Thank you for your reply Mark.

Here is another question. still on the remote url subject, Is is possible to connect Play it to a youtube live stream?  That would be really useful from my point of view! 


Ps,  Not just youtube.  These live video platforms.  Youtube. D-Lve, Flote  Periscope, Twitch, VK, 
That would be great. 


I recently uploaded this video which is designed to get you started with PlayIt Live:

A good video to get people started Jason.
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