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Setting up our christmas radio but........

In christmas music, different artists sings the same song. We have Santa Baby sung by 6 artists. 

Is there still no way to seperate those ? So the same songname wont be played in the same hour ? Or do we have to cut it down to only one artist ?

All The Best

Jess Pedersen

Just a bit of an add on to this subject.    We operate 24 hours a day  with a normal  complex format of hour clocks which I would  not like to fiddle with unless I would receive  a great deal of money!   How's your bank account standing Jason?

So my simple question is how do I STOP my daily format to allow me to add clocks that play xmas music  as required by us.   Then disable all the xmas clocks but have them ready for next year?

best regards


I would suggest that you switch artist/title around, I mean so the title is the artist & the artist is the title, that would allow you to do what you want.

Hi Jess,

Currently there is no support for title separation but I understand the requirement here. Please feel free to raise this as a feature request here so it can be considered for the future:

My suggestion for a workaround is to set up the artists as Related Artists so their songs don't get played so close together.

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