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can't seem to get anything to work with a screen reader




 apparently my previous post didn't take, so trying this again. I use NVDA as a screen reader, and when I open Play It Live, I can tab to the buttons for Voice Track, Fixed Time Marker, Break Note, Remote URL, Aux Input, and Advert Block, but when I press enter on any of those nothing happens. I am also able to create new groups and add tracks to them, but the screen reader doesn't see anything in the songs section, it just says "MGrid Songs." I also can't seem to create a clock. When I try to, I get the box for the clock name, then an unlabeled button, then something that says "flexible tree view 1" that I can't seem to interact with, then they OK button. Pressing that, I get another dialog that NVDA won't read, but pressing the OK button here takes me back to the add new clock screen. How can I get this to work?

Hi Bob,

I'm afraid that due to the complex user interface controls there is no support for screen readers in PlayIt Live. There is a feature request here for this to be implemented which you can vote on to show your support:

If there are sufficient votes from users the work will be done to support this.

Thanks, I just voted for it. Right now, there are very few automation systems that are accessible, which we radio enthusiasts aren't too happy about. I'm glad to see you are responsive.


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