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Need to play same songs over and over

 Hi all,

I'm new to the PlayIt Live and I just love it. But I am trying to accomplish one thing and can't seem to figure out how.

All I need is to play the same 10 songs in order, over and over for 24 hours a day. So no real clocks/scheduling required.

Is there a way to configure the same 10 songs to keep playing "forever"?



Many thanks Jason. Looking good so far!

Hi Adi,

At the bottom right, turn Log Scheduler ON


Hi again...sorry, just trying to figure the last part out.

1) I created the 10 track groups with the different song in each

2) I set the Playout Pattern

Just not sure what steps to take for the "Scheduler". I see various options so not sure.

Thanks again,


Thank you so much Jason! Doing that now.

All the best,


Hi Adi,

Create 10 track groups with a different song in each. Then, in your Playout Pattern set the pattern to be the order of the track groups that you want. The scheduler will then schedule the track that is in each track group in rotation.

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