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Replay Gain tags

 Hi, All my files have been processed with MP3Gain for the Replay Gain track gain.

I am wondering if Play It Live uses these and if not can this be added as a feature request please? I have the plug in processor as well.



Hello Geoff, I believe that PlayIt Live doesn’t use the replay gain setting. Personally I use mp3 gain on a copy of my files. Obviously the processing plug in does something different to replay gain or similar.

Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. Are you saying the plugin uses the replay gain tag info?

Hello Geoff,

Assuming you are writing about the audio processing plugin, I don't think it does.

What the AGC section seems to do is adjust the level of the audio to a target level WITHIN a song (thus changing the sound of the song by reducing dynamic range), whereas replay gain leaves the song dynamics unchanged but adjusts to a target overall loudness ( ) .  

While I would argue that the audio processing plugin functions should only be applied at the final mix (and it seems to be applied at the individual players) in practice, for many purposes, the plugin works well particularly where the whole process is within the PlayIt Live software (no mixer) and the output is streamed.

So, to go back to your original question, to get the effect you want from replay gain, try MP3 Gain ( ) on a COPY of your files.

Generally PlayIt Live is easiest to use with a structured library of selected tracks in folders structured like your rotation rules so running MP3 Gain over these folders is little hardship.

Because MP3 gain only changes "ranging" information in the MP3 file it is similar in effect to replay gain.

I know this is an old thread, but had the same question myself tonight.  I suspected my changes in MP3Gain were reflected in PlayIt Live, but I wasn't definitively sure.  So I had Audacity create a solid minute of tone, exported to MP3.  By default, Audacity's tone peaks, so the meters in PIL also peaked.  I then changed the levels in MP3Gain and replayed the track in PIL.  The level changes reflected on the meters in PIL.

TL; DR - Yes, if you change your file volumes using MP3 Gain, it will reflect in PlayIt Live.

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