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Problems with VT and presenters seeing their hours

Hi all, i am having an issue with remote VT. I have had this off and on and thought it was something i was doing but realised and think it is something in the software.

I make a playlist, i clock it in the right hour and the user has that hour in his profile however when the user remotely logs in to do his VT a show is missing and strangely it always seems to be the next Monday.

I have deleted clocks, remade playlists deleted user profiles and re made and even got the presenters to download the latest version and re install but still the show does not show up.

Has anyone else had these problems? if so how did you fix it and what was the problem?. 

If it is a software glitch can this be fixed :)

lol, after years of working in Radio, from Beeb to lots of commercial station etc Jason the times i remember best are the times when i used to change logger and changing the reel to reels in the studio every 30 days for ROT's that is where i get my log mentality from, Tech for you eh lol

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