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Problems with VT and presenters seeing their hours

Hi all, i am having an issue with remote VT. I have had this off and on and thought it was something i was doing but realised and think it is something in the software.

I make a playlist, i clock it in the right hour and the user has that hour in his profile however when the user remotely logs in to do his VT a show is missing and strangely it always seems to be the next Monday.

I have deleted clocks, remade playlists deleted user profiles and re made and even got the presenters to download the latest version and re install but still the show does not show up.

Has anyone else had these problems? if so how did you fix it and what was the problem?. 

If it is a software glitch can this be fixed :)

lol, after years of working in Radio, from Beeb to lots of commercial station etc Jason the times i remember best are the times when i used to change logger and changing the reel to reels in the studio every 30 days for ROT's that is where i get my log mentality from, Tech for you eh lol

Welcome to the radio industry term 'log' which refers to the future as well as the past.

Sorted, Thanks Jason TBH i had never seen or used the log and thought it was soley for bringing up the details of things that had played only for reporting etc

Hi Mark,

Here are the steps I followed:

Go to Manage > Playout Log

Select Start: 15 June 2020 18:00

Select End: 15 June 2020 19:00

Observe there are items scheduled for that hour but there are no voice tracking items:

Click Unschedule.

Click OK.

Go to PlayIt VoiceTrack and Enter Remote Session and log in with Paul's account.

Observe that the hour now appears:

Sorry Jason I am fairly technical but this seems beyond me.  There is nothing in the log for next Monday the 15th. 

I have deleted the recurring show PaulG Mon from the 15th and every Monday and in the future. I have then checked the clock PaulGShow Mon and that contains a voice track. I have then clock scheduled that for Monday the 15th and every Monday post that repeated.

Then I log in as the presenter and still no Monday the 15th.

I also at the same time did the same to his show on Tue the 16th which after doing exactly the same does show up on the presenters voice track slots.

Am i missing something?

Hi Mark If the hour has already been scheduled into the playout log it will use this to determine if it is a voice tracking hour. There are no voice tracking items in the playout log for that hour, only tracks, so it is not considered a voice tracking hour. As there are already items in the hour in the playout log, it does not look at the content of the clock.

Hi Jason and this is the problem. As you will see in the screen shots below the clock hour and playlist (That contains a Voice track) is correct on the the actual studio and when I log in on remote manager however when i use the presenters log in details to access hi hours it does not show the next Monday (Screen shot of that attached to)

Hi Mark,

I went to Manage > Playout Log and went to next Monday 18:00-19:00 hour and I can see that the hour is scheduled but there are no voice tracks.

Without doing anything, the hour slot does not appear in PlayIt VoiceTrack (as expected)

If I clear the hour and re-schedule and save, then the hour slot appears in PlayIt VoiceTrack.

If I clear the hour and save, the clock will take precedent and the hour slot appears in PlayIt VoiceTrack.

Can you see what I see?


Hi Mark

Just received the data but the database is corrupt. Probably caused by zipping up the data while the database is in use. Can you try emailing me the database manually? You can get this from C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live\playitlive.db



no problem doing it now

You just click Send on the program and it'll send it over.

No problem will do. Shall i send it to your e mail?

Hi Mark,

Just tried to reproduce this issue with the steps you have described and it is working as expected. Please can you send me your data using this tool and I can load it in and take a look:


Hi Jason, yes. I create the clock hour with a voice track in it and then i schedule that in to the correct hour and the Presenter already has that hour in hi user profile. It is always the Monday and the next one for EG here is a pic the presenter sent

Firstly Monday the 8th was missing so he had to record a full show and send that over and then as you will see so we used a full record for the 8th and then i re-did the clocks to try and get it to work and as you will see again a Monday the 15th is now not available. These are done exactly the same way as the others that show on the pic but always missing is the next Monday. This has also happened on me to when i am voice tracking and again it is always the mon but i have managed to re do the clock and it came back so worried it will do the same again.

It could be something i am doing but as all the other Mondays show up and it is a repeat schedule i don't see how it could be.

Any ideas ?

I can see you sent an email also but I will reply here so everyone can see the response.

To clarify, are you setting up the clocks and then scheduling the playout log and then having the remote user log in?

I know we discussed this in a previous post, but is there a voice track item in the clock so it is detected as a voice track-able hour?

Is it consistent for one particular user? Do they have permission for that hour?

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