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PlayIt Live Stopped Streaming

Hi all.... PlayIt Live just stopped streaming for me last weekend for no reason that I can find. 

Both streams are alternating between saying "Connected" and "Unable to log in. Invalid username or password." I've checked all the details and all are fine. I've installed the updated version of the internet broadcast plugin. I've updated the program itself. 

No idea what else I can do! Would hugely appreciate any tips or suggestions. Thanks in advance!

On the Laut.Fm forum I found the following 

Hat Niko auch bereits gemacht, die Antwort war folgende:

Our encoder was written by a contract programmer, and the source code of the last year or 2 of modifications were not sent to us before he disappeared. The changes are too complex to do ourselves, so unfortunately we are stuck with what we have currently for the foreseeable future.

So I'm afraid they can't help us. 

@Jason Perhaps you can investigate which protocol "Butt" uses, because it works.

Hi Jason

i'm afraid the broadcast plugin still doesnt work with the server. Both BUTT, and SE CASTER continue to work with no problems.

I will attempt to contact to see if i can get a responce.



An update on this - I have tried contacting but received no response. They appear to be using a custom implementation of Icecast which does not support the "SOURCE" method which the plugin client is using. Although this method has been deprecated by Icecast server in 2.4 in favour of the "PUT" method it has not been removed so I would have expected this to work.

Thank you Larry. I know. Butt works fine for now.

Hi Ruud the problem has still not been resolved. Jason was investigating. Butt, and secaster still work ok with

I'm wondering if there is a solution for Laut.Fm already.

I think more Icecast servers have this problem

Thank you for keeping me informed.



Looks like this is a problem specific to I have contacted them to see if we can resolve this issue.

Hi Larry,

I have created a private ticket for you. Please could you attach an image of the settings you are using to connect: 



HI Jason

I have tryed with both BUTT, and EDCAST encoders, with exactly the same settings, and both work perfectly.

The playit encoder works perfectly with shoutcast, but dos'nt appear to work with icecast. Note: I'm running V1.09 plugin software.

Hi Larry,

As above please try another encoder program to diagnose the problem. It is likely your streaming provider has changed their details.

I have exactly the same problem, has been working ok for several months with no problem. This weekend stopped working, works fine with Butt. keep getting "failed to log in error message" 

I'll have a look at Rocket in a short while. Thanks!

Hello again Trystan,

B.U.T.T. would be good for a connection test but can't (simply) pick up the PlayIt Live output as it needs a "real" input (rather than the output of a software application).

Rocket Broadcaster has a free edition that can stream audio from an application and also has a very handy "test" facility for credentials, however, there are limitations on what you can do with the free version that may or may not suit your application.

If you do end up paying for Rocket Broadcaster (and personally I think the paid version is well worth the money) assuming you are in the U.K. it is better to pay in pounds.


Hi Mark! We don't use a mixer - everything is pre-recorded and played out. It's a primary school radio station. I'll try installing B.U.T.T. and see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestion!

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