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Web Links not working

 Not sure if I've tweaked something within the settings, but clicking on the weblinks for a track does not automatically open my browser to wikipedia, as it did previously.  I've not altered the links at all, but cannot find anything in settings that would suggest anything. 

Dave Stygall

Hi Dave,

PlayIt Live assumes you have a default browser for web links. In Windows 10 you can set this via Default Apps and go to Web Browser.


Now works that I've changed the default browser back to MS Edge.  PlayIt Live doesn't seem to work with Firefox, my preferred browser.  Haven't tried it with Chrome or other browsers.  I'd rather not use Edge, but if I have to...

Thanks again for a quick response.  Thoroughly enjoying the software, although it is a very steep learning curve re Scheduling & Clock operations.  I'm persisting, though!

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