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Remote URL Failure results in dead air

Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me here, have searched but not found a solution.

How can I ensure if a remote URL fails to load we're not left with dead-air? I've set up a clock to load a URL from a remote presenter after our TOH news - if the presenter fails to connect then we have a dead stream and Playit Live just stops as there are no more items in the playlist until the next TOH event. Net result is dead-air for an hour.

I'm assuming I'm not understanding and therefore not setting things up in the best manner, all assistance gratefully received.


Hello Richard,

I don't think there is a fix within PlayIt Live for this.

While I didn't try within a clock, I put URL's into the queue of items to play and either had the stream or didn't. 

I treied a stream that wasn't there and also interrupted the stream in an event while playing (both using a local Icecast server).

In all cases, when the stream wasn't there it caused an error  "BASS_ERROR_FILEOPEN Unknown Reason" and the URL of the absent stream.

Obviously, ideally PlayIt Live having failed to find the stream would move on to the next event.

In the absence of a fix within PlayIt Live, perhaps you could put a backup file on the streaming source so there is always audio to play.

I can'y think of a fix for this, perhaps others can.

Obviously, the ideal is to ensure that the remote contributor is there ready well before the start. If you have multiple remote contributors, you could have two contribution stream addresses so that the remote presenters could be lined up and there, ready, 15 minutes before.

Hi Mark, thanks for your input. I think I may have figured out a workaround that people my find useful:

Using the clock method I have set the remote URL to load after the news and play for 58 mins, then added a soft marker for 5 seconds later, the playout pattern then fills the rest of the hour with tracks.

Whilst I've yet to test if this method will allow the stream to continue for the full hour (assuming the remote presenter has connected of course), it certainly forces the playlist to move on if there isn't a live connection present and results in 5 seconds of dead air instead of nothing until the next TOH event.


There was a bug that was found recently around the remote URL failing to advance to the next item if the remote DJ did not turn up Please download the latest version of PlayIt Live which should mitigate this issue.

Your suggestion around the soft marker is a good one.

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