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Another problem has risen..... :-O

Why does this not work ? It wont insert the M3U playlist ?

(164 KB)

What's the content of the M3U file? Does it work if you use the Manage > Playout Log > Import feature? Also, it's not clear if you had previously applied the Scheduled Event from the Manage Scheduled Events window.

The content is 3 spots in wav format.

I have deleted my former events and made a new one. Started from zero.

Set it to 16.20. Mode import, current hour

No event at 16.20 ?

(165 KB)

Please send me your logs using this tool and I will take a look:

Thank you so much... They might be rather messy hense I have fiddled around alot :-D

I think I soon need the Subscription on email support ;-)


Hi Jess,

The logs are showing

2020-04-16 15:15:00.221: [ScheduledEventsService] [INFO    ] [PlayoutLogM3UImportContentProcessor] Processing: Start.wav

2020-04-16 15:15:00.222: [ScheduledEventsService] [INFO    ] [TrackFromFile] Loading track from file: Start.wav

2020-04-16 15:15:00.222: [ScheduledEventsService] [WARN    ] [TrackFromFile] File does not exist.

2020-04-16 15:15:00.222: [ScheduledEventsService] [INFO    ] [PlayoutLogM3UImportContentProcessor] Row 3 Did not understand the entry: Start.wav


You need to use the full file path for the audio file including the folder it is in. You can't just use Start.wav.

But its not Start.wav i'm trying to run with an event. Its the file sgsgdg.M3U. Start.wav is in that playlist together with 2 other wav files.

Like this

(80.7 KB)

Tried making an event that skipped track on a certain time.. That worked fine.. But not the playlist function..... Im going insane :-D

Hi Jess,

I understand that you have an M3U, but it only contains Start.wav etc on each line. Each line needs to read C:\full\path\to\Start.wav so the PlayIt Live knows exactly where to find the file.

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