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Microphone PTT

Hi, I'm not satisfied with the quality of the Microphone & Push-to-Talk Plugin, please can I be refunded.

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Hi Ryan,

I have refunded this payment. Refunds take 5-10 days to appear on your statement.



Hi Jason,

I Have had problems with the Microphone PTT Plugin as well.. Strange thing is that it is operating the VU bars indicating that it is working, both the bar above the Mic PTT switch on screen and the output to the server. I'm not the most tech savay person but could it be something to do with the codecs and how it sends the output signal to both the recorder and server as no sound sent beyond the mixer from the Microphone??

I did at 2.5 hour show tonight believing everything was fine until I played back the recording after getting a couple of messages from friends asking why I hadn't spoken on the broadcast..

So frustrating as your software was recommended to me by a good friend and for ease of use it is stunning, just the issue of no Mic Output..

Hi Peter,

I assume you were using this in conjunction with the Internet Broadcast plugin and you had PlayIt Live Main Mix selected. You say you are using a mixer - the plugin is designed for those who do not have a mixer and need to mix the microphone with the PlayIt Live output using software mixing.

No, I don't have a mixer.. there is what I assume a VU meter bar above the Mic PTT switch and that moves across and back as I talk..

Were the levels showing on the PlayIt Live Main Mix output on the Internet Broadcast plugin? Can you show a screenshot of your microphone mix plugin settings?

email sent with screenshot and yes they were showing on the main mix output.. No music playing and the output was moving..

My soundcard is a Realtek (R) HD



This is surprising to hear because the plugin literally queries the levels of the audio before it sends it to the server. I just tested this with my Icecast server and it is picking up the audio from my USB microphone (Yeti Blue). Admittedly this is not the same as your setup. Unless this is some issue with the Realtek microphone not being able to be recorded whilst also using the Speakers function to playback audio.

I have a USB adapter which I have since tried and same result, I changed to PlayIT because I was trying to get online with Mixxx and that either had music or microphone broadcasting depending on how I configured it, but it recorded both.. I have updated the soundcard drivers and software from Realtek's website and it is frustrating me now.. No doubt there is a simple answer to it but with me being simple it doesn't help lol

Just noticed you said Icecast, my server provider say they prefer Icecast but I had to use Shoutcast V1 as it wouldn't connect using Icecast..


I don't believe it will be an Icecast/Shoutcast difference causing your problem.

I don't have the microphone PTT but I've had a few "run ins" with Realtek drivers in the past. I can't however think of anything likely to cause this problem.

The microphone plug in settings in the screenshot look likely.

I take it you are using "PlayIt Live Main Mix" as your streaming source and the "Internet Broadcast" plug in. 

It isn't perfect (because of the delay inherent in streaming) but using Screamer ( ) as an "off air monitor" will at least let you diagnose what is going on and indicate silence. 

I recommend the old version at the bottom of the page which doesn't even need to be installed just unzip and run.

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