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7.1 Soundcard issue

Dear Playit Live users,

today i got my own 7.1 soundcard (LogiLink UA0099) and i was wondering why i can't assign the different outputs to different players in PlayIt Live. Using another software this works quite well, but not in PlayIt live. I really want to use this wonderful piece of software. 

Is there any solution to this problem? (Correct drivers are installed :D)

Thank you very much.



Hello Ludwig,

No, sadly 7.1 soundcards don't generally work.

The problem is that the card doesn't present 4 stereo devices just one 7.1 device.

PlayIt Live isn't capable of assembling the audio to present as 7.1 (or 8) channels to a single device.

What you need is a card such as the ESI Gigaport HD+

ASIO4ALL ( ) was a solution for 5.1/7.1 cards but support was dropped on 31 Aug 2016 (v1.12.2.1295)

You could try an older version than and ASIO4ALL and see how you get on but PlayIt Live has been considerably improved since that version.

I did have a system working fairly well with a 5.1 card before support was dropped.

As far as I can tell this is a common problem with most if not all low cost 5.1 or 7.1 cards.

Just discovered this asio problem after buying hardware and wasting my time

Everything else like virtual dj and audition works with it :-(

Why was it dropped?

Hello Dave,

I've only used the bundled (LE) version of Virtual DJ some years back but as I recall that was limited to two stereo channels (mix and headphones).

Jason may be able to comment on the issues with ASIO4ALL and 5.1/7.1 cards more generally.

Fundamentally PlayIt Live is extremely dependent on the quality of the drivers for sound cards.

Decent cards intended for multiple stereo outputs tend to have usable drivers. My best experiences are with ESI units (some of which can be bought very cheaply second hand).

What is the card you have that doesn't work ?


It was a cheap thing but i thought it would work having seen a thread on here.

The virtual dj i have allows you to use the asio drivers to have separate outputs for each deck.

I have sent it back no i know it doesnt work with this software and bought the ESI Gigaport HD+ for £79.00 new from Amazon as i know that will cure my issue and i can get on with recording some shows

Hello Dave,

I've been using the ESI Gigaport HD+ for a while and I'm very pleased with it.

There is one quirk with (I think) ESI's driver (it generates an error on PlayIt Live startup - or did for me).

See for the story and the workaround.

I'll be interested to hear if you have the same problem.

With the "Speakers (GIGAPort HD Audio driver)" disabled (which has no impact on the 4 "real" stereo outputs) the ESI Gigaport HD+ works fine.

That was a very good price from Amazon for the card.

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