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Audio stuttering at start of track.

I'm running Playit live v2.06.2.2749 on an HP XW4600 with dual xenon 2.33 ghz processors & 4gb ram with Windows 10. There are two sound cards 1 m-audio Delta 44 & 1 Delta 6.6 Earlier versions seemed to run without issue, but for some reason there is a pronounced stutter whenever a cart fires up. It also doesn't like any other action going on in the background. To check whether my it's my PC or not I also installed Radio DJ & a demo version of Playoutone, by way of comparison. Playit Live seems to be incredibly heavy on the processors for an audio programme & also compared to the other two programmes loaded for comparison. Any help would be appreciated as Playit live is my go to automation, but at the moment has become too unstable.
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John, I can't comment on your specific setup although it seems well able to cope.

I have PlayIt Live running on an old laptop (i3) and it takes about 10% CPU. With the other stuff I (and Windows) have running the system is at 30% typically. The hard disk is solid state but the system is nothing special and will play a cart without issue. 

All my audio is CBR MP3.

I would wonder about the sound cards. First thing is the sound card set to the same sample rate as the files ?

Your cards seem to both be PCI, Also Amazon reviews for the Delta 66 suggest possible driver issues. Also it may be that two M-Audio cards in the same system is the issue.

I guess the cart is on a different sound card to the main audio.Try the carts on the built in soundcard on the PC as an experiment.

Personally I would have one sound card only if possible (the ESI Gigaport HD+ USB card works well on the i3 laptop).

I wrote up (some of) my sound card experiences at

I've had quite a serious sound card "habit" and if you would like a few more reviews I might do some more.

Although I don't currently have it installed, I really liked the Hercules DJ Trim 4&6 USB Audio interface and the driver support is good. there is a 2 in 6 out mode which is reasonable for PlayIt Live.

It's not a current device (the market is now really only DJ controllers which are not suitable for PlayIt Live) but you might find one on eBay.I

t's built like a tank !

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