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Remote Voice Tracking client software license

Hello! I just switched my station to Playit Live today. One of the things that really attracted me is the remote voice tracking capability. Per this video starting at about 4:20, I am under the impression that a remote voice tracking jock doesn't need to have a license, only the server side does. Is that correct?

If that's the case, what do I send to my remote jock? Or do they just download this:

I started a monthly subscription for voice tracking on the server and I can VT in the studio. Do I have to have a monthly subscription for each jock? That's not how I interpret the above video tutorial. 

At present, there are two and someone 150 miles away. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Hi Anthony,

You only need to pay for the server. It's charged per concurrent user, so if only one user is voice tracking at a time you only need one licence.

Other DJs can voice track using PlayIt VoiceTrack and then point at the server via the Server URL you can find under File > Enable remote connections in PlayIt Live.


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