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Unable to Start ..

Having an issue on a particular (Win7) machine, PlayIt Live is unable to start after install, generating an error report - something to do with creating/accessing tables during the initialisation phase. I'm guessing something to do with the database?

Does anyone have any clues what may be causing this? 

Thanks in advance ..

Thanks Mark and Jason, that fixed the problem :-)
ProgramData is hidden I believe (so turn on hidden files in file explorer).
Hi Jason, thanks for the response. There doesn’t appear to be a ‘program data’ file on the C drive, perhaps this is why it’s not working? I’ve reinstalled the package again to check. We’re running it on a Windows 7 box but I’ve had no issues installing anything else. Interestingly, when the installer finishes and gives the confirmation box, Playit live doesn’t automatically run, even with the box ticked. Regards, Rich

Hi Richard,

You can try deleting the PlayIt Live database located here: c:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live\playitlive.db which will clear your data and rebuild the database.


Thanks, I’m sure the machine is up to date but will try the older version trick.

I did see something very similar and eventually (once the machine had worked through interminable Windows updates) it installed OK.

Try a much older version of PlayIt Live then install the latest. You might find that does it.

We’ve not even got to the admin stage as the software crashes before it fully loads. We tried installing as both admin and user, no difference. Thanks for the reply though.

It has a feeling to me of admin vs user accounts.

Was it installed using one log in but now running under another ?

I also had problems with a Windows 7 machine until it had all the windows updates.