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Clock Schedule an hour out ?

I've been busy re-configuring our two main PC's to Windows 7 after far too many issues under Windows 10. PC1 is all up and running and ready to drop back into service. I've been working on PC2 all day, updating drivers and all sorts, including making sure Win7 SP1 was installed before I tried loading PlayIt Live. 

Then I copy the contents of the Program Data directory from an existing PC running PlayIt quite happily and bring over all the audio files. I fired up PlayIt Live and it started running OK, but I noticed that the file I was expecting to play was not loaded. I looked at the clocks schedule and found that all the times had shifted by an hour. 

I checked the system time, it was correct, and we're on UTC London time. The time shown on screen and within PlayIt Live is correct. I did wonder if I had hit something to do with daylight savings, but no. 

So I deleted the PlayIt live info from Program Data and copied it over again, fired up the program - same thing. The clocks are an hour out. What should play at 0100 is playing at 0000. 

I looked on the PC I copied the data from - it's fine, running to the correct clock schedule. 

I'm foxed by this one. I cannot find anything to explain the shift of clocks within the same schedule I've used over and over. 

My intention is to uninstall PlayIt and delete all the data, then try installing again from scratch. I need to get this PC back into service but being an hour out is not right of course. 

I deleted PlayIt Live, and the Program Data files. Re-installed it, brought over the data from the live/running system, which is playing the correct file and shows the correct clock schedule. Ran PlayIt on the machine I am working on, and the clock is an hour out again.

I don't understand what the problem is. I've done this several times now, moving the data between PC's to save having to re-enter everything. I cannot find any setting that would move the schedule by an hour like this. 

Hi Gordon,

I am unable to reproduce this problem. The only thing I could suggest is that the timezone setup is different between the two machines. You would also need to ensure the daylight savings time is set up the same way as well. The times in the database are stored in UTC (universal time) and then transformed based on the timezone of the computer.

I did mention in the original post that I had checked the time settings, including daylight saving. 

It's a new install of Windows 7, identical PC base units that we bought with Win10 on. I've used the same install disc on both but obviously have different product ID's to register Windows.  I've put the same software on both, configured both as United Kingdom at setup time. 

I've already re-installed Windows 7 on the machine but think I may try doing it all again. It takes hours and hours with all the machine specific drivers, which I've obtained from the Lenovo site specifically for these PC's. 

Both machines display the correct time and are in the correct time zone. 'Adjust for daylight savings' is checked on both. I also have Symmtime (by Symmetricom but no longer being made available) running on both, to ensure that the clock is updated every 53 minutes. That can be set to different time zones but dues not affect the system clock (showing UTC). By that I mean I could set Symmtime to display EST but the clock in the bottom right of Windows would remain on the right time, and also in PlayIt. That's how I know it's not causing this issue as I've swapped time zones and it's made no difference. 

I don't have anything else on the PC that I could think would cause any problems. It's pretty bare bones Windows 7 64 bit Pro. It didn't need any other stuff putting on as it's only going to run PlayIt. 

Very odd...

Now I'm foxed... 

I deleted the PlayIt directory from Program Data and copied it over form a different PC to the one I'd been copying from before. Lo and behold, the clock schedule is now correct !

No, logic does not seem to come into it. I don't have time at present but will try deleting and copying from the two PC's that I have a Program Data directory set up on. Both are showing the correct information when I look at the clock schedule, and the time is set up the same on all. 

I'll report back when I've experimented a bit more.

Confused but have given up on trying to find out why. Two identical PC's, both running Playit with times set the same on each. I copied the entire ProgramData directory from one to a third machine I was setting up. The clock schedule was showing itself as an hour different.  
I deleted the data and copied it from the second PC.Ah, everything was OK. The clock schedule was correct.
I've since done the same thing in copying from PC1 and the time was an hour out again but when data was copied from PC2 it was correct. 
All three machines are running the latest PlayIt. All are the same Win7 64Pro. All have the same time settings and all run a third party time controller called Symmtime. 
I cannot find any reason why the clock schedule changes as there is no setting within the software (that I could find) that would do that.
But, experimenting over. I have gone back to two PC's running in tandem and the one that I copied the dodgy settings from has been taken out of service. The 2 are working OK and I'm leaving them alone... :-)