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Trapped errors

I've installed PlayIt live on another Windows 10 computer here to see if a new build PC is better than a refurbished one. We bought 2 refurbished machines and have had nothing but problems with Windows hanging on a regular basis. 

However, PlayIt crashed out a couple of times but helpfully reported it's errors back to base. I didn't even note what the errors were, thinking they were taking care of and I had no need to report them here.

My question is, what happens to these error reports? Will I get a response of some sort to say I need to add something to that PC, or that a new build of PlayIt Live is the answer ? I'm not altogether happy putting this machine into the circuit if it's liable to bomb out again. 

The 2 refurbished machines are out of  service altogether now. Not only did they crash but they would lock the network too, so the backup machine could not get online to take over. The plan is to go back to Windows 7 on those, when I get time.

Since submitting the message above I've not had any further errors that reported themselves but a little disappointed that I don't have an answer as to what happens to those reports. Had the problems continued I would probably have started to look for something else.

Hi Gordon,

Reports submitted via the error reporting window are received directly here. They are useful to diagnose the exact point where an error occurred but it may be difficult to determine the actions that were taken prior to the error occurring. Depending on the risk involved with fixing the issue, a hotfix update may be released immediately or after extensive testing, a fix may be applied to the next version if the root cause of the issue can be determined.


1) the new build Windows 10 PC seems to have run just fine, not even rebooted for Windows Updates. 

2) perhaps the person submitting an auto bug report could be auto emailed to say a patch has been implemented so they can update the software?

3) the two machines giving problems are still out of service but it is planned to re-install Windows 7 on them at some point (when i get time). It seems that the installation of Windows 10 on the refurbished PC's was 'generic' and didn't take into account the actual drivers needed for things like network cards. It isn't possible to get a full Windows 10 pack of drivers as the machines were produced for Windows 7. Confusing, but explains why. The M$ supplied 'refurbished computer' Win 10 installation by the recycling company works, sort of. The default M$ drivers are not always 100% though.