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problem running through a mixer back through live input


i had to reload PlayIt live after a crash..i had to uninstall it completely to remove the fault report ..i reloaded it as i have done before & it fired up on autoplay..i use an external mixer (Yamaha MM1402) coming out on the speaker output jack, feeding into the mixer then back in on line input & usually set the encoder plug in to LINE IN ...The encoder plug in is only working on PlayIt live main mix ...where it goes straight is like the audio isnt coming from the mixer..but i have tested the output lead & there is an audio source on is playing out URL inputted shows ok so i just cant do live shows myself ...Any suggestions gratefully accepted ..regards Adrian 

Hi Adrian

PlayIt Live 'listens' to whatever input you select and will stream this. If this is silent then this has not been connected up correctly. Please check the input with another software, such as Audacity. If the input works with Audacity and not with PlayIt Live then please share a screenshot of your configuration.


Hello Adrian,

I've had similar issues with PlayIt Live where it takes a "dislike" to an incoming audio source.

It will be something to do with sound card settings or setup but it can very difficult to fault find on a live system.

Reinstalling the sound card driver might be worth a try if it really won't appear to PlayIt Live. Windows 10 has widely reported sound card issues and old drivers stop working.

As a general observation, using a separate application or computer for streaming (perhaps running B.U.T.T.) or if you have the money, dedicated hardware would be my recommendation.