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Copy configuration over?

We've changeded our hardware, but on the new installation Playit Live is totally empty of any configurations like monitored folders, categories, users etc.

I tried copying the Program File folder but that does not work.

Is there a way to export and import the configuration?  I really don't fancy doing it all again manually!

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I am going to be doing this in the next few days, I hope. I know the location of the database and other files is C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live\, I hope it's as simple as install the software, copy the files and directory structure I'm using to the new PC then transfer the data. 

I need to document this for future reference as you can't trust that a PC will keep running for many years of course. 

I tried that but it did not work. I copied the whole folder. I wonder if it checks the identity of the hardware or something. I had to set it all up from scratch! Maybe it might work for just the music database or suchlike.

Hi Glyn,

There is a difference between Program Files and ProgramData. The folder that Gordon suggested is correct. C:\ProgramData is a hidden folder so you need to type it in if you have hidden folders are hidden (that's the default). The easiest place is to Windows Key + R and type C:\ProgramData and click OK. Copy the PlayIt Live folder to the same place on your other computer.

So the effort to transfer all the data etc is quick and easy.  

However, if it just a simply copy and install to a new machine that's OK.

But, how about if the new machine is not an exact copy of the the donor machine?    

That is the present problem --    It appears that I have to remove the details from the new machine regards to the  audio side of things which was copied across with all the other files and then it might allow me to ask playit live to install the correct drivers which exist on the new machine and this may then  allow the audio to work correctly.

Any clues on this one please?


Hello Phil, I’ve not actually tried this but I don’t think it will be a problem. The PlayIt Live configuration is essentially clocks, libraries etc. If you install PlayIt Live on new hardware but make the user account the same name and put the music in the same place I think when you copy the configuration it will work. I suggest you get sound cards installed with all required drivers first but when you start up PlayIt Live for the first time I expect it will allow you to select sound inputs and outputs as needed. You will probably also have to register the new copy as well.
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