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Startup after reboot, start automation, start streams...

I just installed the new version and realised I had not asked questions about this before.

After a reboot, possibly from a power outage during the night, I have set the PC to reboot automatically. In the Startup group I have PlayIt launching unattended, then I fall a bit flat as I cannot find any options to go into Automation mode or start the streams other than manually ? 

The aim is to be able to leave this system to its own devices most of the time and resume unattended. Can this be incorporated in a future (soon please :-) ) release please?

Hi Gordon,

You can set up a Scheduled Event triggering On startup (when PlayIt Live starts). The action you are interested in is Start Playout. Sometimes it's good to add a Wait For Time action (for a few seconds) before it just to make sure everything is set up and ready before starting playout.


Thanks, will go look at that shortly. I'm not on the playout PC here. 

OK been, set up a scheduled event but it only starts playing on startup, it does not switch on the Automation and I cannot find anything to start the Streams ? 

The Scheduled Events still uses old terminology from PlayIt Live v1 - the Playout Mode. You need to use the Change Playout Mode action and set this to Auto to switch on Automation. Semi-Auto refers to Log Scheduler ON and Automation OFF and Manual is Log Scheuduler OFF and Automation OFF.

For the streams, this is a simple checkbox on the plugin window itself - "Auto start streams"

I just added VNC to the playout PC so I can connect to it from this desk, saves me running about :-) 

Many thanks again for the pointers. I need to read a manual several times before stuff like this sinks in. Yes, I've done as you have said and now should be able to leave it running and not worry about the occasional blip in power. It will be going on to a UPS eventually.