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Scheduling and Clocks - just stopped working.

Following a crash last night, Playit is completely ignoring any clock schedules - it's even ignoring the playout policy and appears to be randomly filling the hours with songs - there are no jingles or adverts and the fixed time marker, which oddly is still appearing and was followed by the Top of Hour, is now followed by a random track. If I delete a clock, unschedule the hour and reschedule it, it still fills with songs - but I've no idea where it's getting these from as I have only placed three jingles in the playout policy list.

As it is the system is now totally unuseable. 

Am really loath to uninstall and start from scratch as it's a lot of time to set the system up. 

Any suggestions are welcome. I see others have flagged issues with clocks not working and suggested various fixes, or realised it was the restrictions they had imposed, but ours was working as it should have until it crashed last night.

Rich, can send you some of our clock hours, as examples if you'd like. The guys at Ferry FM in Northern Ireland were great at taking us through setting our system up from scratch. Got loads of help from them.

that would be great darren thank you so much, 

Will get a few screen grabs and post them here for you.

great thank you