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Scheduling and Clocks - just stopped working.

Following a crash last night, Playit is completely ignoring any clock schedules - it's even ignoring the playout policy and appears to be randomly filling the hours with songs - there are no jingles or adverts and the fixed time marker, which oddly is still appearing and was followed by the Top of Hour, is now followed by a random track. If I delete a clock, unschedule the hour and reschedule it, it still fills with songs - but I've no idea where it's getting these from as I have only placed three jingles in the playout policy list.

As it is the system is now totally unuseable. 

Am really loath to uninstall and start from scratch as it's a lot of time to set the system up. 

Any suggestions are welcome. I see others have flagged issues with clocks not working and suggested various fixes, or realised it was the restrictions they had imposed, but ours was working as it should have until it crashed last night.

great thank you

Will get a few screen grabs and post them here for you.

that would be great darren thank you so much, 

Rich, can send you some of our clock hours, as examples if you'd like. The guys at Ferry FM in Northern Ireland were great at taking us through setting our system up from scratch. Got loads of help from them.
Yes, Jason thanks for responding, if it happens again, I will forward the logs. If it's any help good old windows installed a load of updates on Friday - possibly the pc just needed a restart, which I did after the uninstall and reinstall. System has been as expected since yesterday morning, all clocks behaving as expected. We have a lot of weekend programming, so it it getting a good run through them all.

oh i almost forgot. thank you for taking your valuable time to check for the errors it is appreciated

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i thought you could just use playout patter to do the music then scheduler to do the news. i also tried the event scheduler but that failed also with playout pattern.however since downloading the previous version the event scheduler does seem to be putting the news in ok last night at least. however today is a different day and will update later on :)


I have had a look at your data. Have you looked at your clock schedule? Most of these are 'not found' (i.e. deleted) and you have multiple clocks per hour (which has undefined behaviour). I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here:

Hi Jason, clocks were scheduling as expected until the system crashed last night. This morning, I went to schedule Sat to Sat and the hours had no jingles, no commercials and after the fixed item where the TOH should have been was a random track. I deleted the playout policies and added three jingles also deleted a clock from 0.00 to 1am. Then generated that hour. It was filled with random tracks. When I generated the next two days they were the same, no jingles, no commercials. I Uninstalled and reinstalled an earlier version, copied the DB and settings into it and the system is behaving as it was. The clocks were all working and indeed are again now, but why they suddenly stopped I don't know.


I am unable to reproduce the problem you are both describing with the latest version. 

In the simplest form, with no clocks and only the playout pattern, I can schedule the playout pattern.

With a single clock scheduled in the current hour, the scheduler schedules that clock.

You can submit your data using this tool and I can investigate when I have time.

Some specific examples of how I can reproduce your problem would also be beneficial. For example, "I schedule the XX:XX hour and it schedules Y tracks and I was expecting Z tracks to be scheduled."

so would that be 

19 Dec 2017 (v2.01.2.1889)

Small world, same reason we moved, scheduling! Running the version before the last update, clocks are behaving if I schedule far anyway! We went with PlayIt because it was recommended by another station, who use it, they are still running an older version though. Will email them on Monday and ask if they have ever had this issue. Have been very helpful.

wow how weird. 

we just finished with otsav as well. trying to schedule in that thing was just so

complicated. what version did you download just then. is it still the black theme.

10...we've just switched off our 10 year old XP machine running ots. Might be back on again at this rate, lol. Have just gone back to an older version of PlayIt and clocks are scheduling again....must be something simple, I'm sure Jason will sort the problem. The reason we moved was the response rate and features :-)

were on windows 7 what do you guys use?