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I don't see tracks


I tried Playit Live for a testing.
But i have a big problem.
This machine working perfectly, i can see tracks on the library.
But i install another machine , i didn't see any track in track list on main screen.
After then i install another machine, no tracks on main screen. 

First machine runs on Window7 (64bit)
Second machine runs on Windows7 (64 bit) virtual machine.
Third machine runs on Window10.

Could you please help us?

ScreenShots attached.

Best regards,
(103 KB)
(122 KB)

Hello Cem

Where are the files for your tracks ?

You have to add the tracks individually for each "instance" of PlayIt Live (I've never tried copying a library).

I found making a folder structure reflecting the rotation rules you wish to use then adding those tracks folder by folder to PlayIt Live to make track groups named as needed seems the best way.

Hello Mark,

Our files are kept locally.
We added files with "Add new track wizard".

The file exists but it does not appear.
I added new screenshot about this.

Best regards,
Cem Yuksel
It's a bit of a long shot but the file looks like a very long WAV file so will be very large. Do you have the same problem with smaller files? What happens with mp3 files?

I think this is related to the Windows language.

This error occurred on a computer with Turkish windows installed and on a virtual computer.