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Showing track title & artist on internet

 Hi everyone,

First post and a new user of Play It so please be gentle.

I´ve set up Play It to broadcast over the internet to an Icecast server. This works great as far as sending the audio goes, but how do you send the track title and artist so it can show up in your audio player? I´ve tried multiple HTML5 players but no joy. I´ve tried VLC Media Player too.

When using the autoDJ function on my Icecast server it does send the track, artist and album names to the various players. Is this to do with Play It or more a function of the player?

If it´s the player, can you recommend a good one to work with Play It that could be embedded in a website?


For completeness, I don't think the "Now Playing" plug in is required for the PlayIt Live Internet Streaming Plug In.

I have a Raspberry Pi running Icecast on the same LAN as an old Dell 745 with PlayIt Live running.

PlayIt Live feeds a mixer (via an external multi channel USB sound card) and then the mixer feeds the PC built in sound card input with the mixed audio.

The streaming setup looks like this (I've also got the processing plug in on this machine):


You can see that the "Internet Broadcast" encoder plug in has the text for the current track.


the encoder settings look fairly normal for an Icecast server. Note the IP address is within my LAN because it is running on the Raspberry Pi. If you wanted a "public" stream you would need to have a streaming service on the Internet.


and the Icecast server has the then current track metadata, which also shows on anything I play the stream on.

Hopefully useful to someone !

 Thanks Mark, I get it now.

I was confusing myself and mixing up "streamer" for "player", and couldn't understand how what I was calling a "streamer" (really the player) could access a file on my hard drive.

Thanks again.

The link for B.U.T.T. Is See the bit about now playing.
Either the "plug in" streamer for PlayIt Live (which seems better in terms of overall CPU load on a single machine) or B.U.T.T. (Which I like for the metering) will pick up the now playing text file. Both connect to Icecast or Shoutcast stream servers (which in most cases need to be on the "public" side of any firewall or NAT).
Thanks Mark,
Could you point me in the direction of a streamer that uses track metadata?


Hello Gordon, The streamer (if capable of supporting track metadata) has a setting for where to look for the text file. It picks up the data and puts it in the stream. Try this with the Internet streaming plug in. It "just works". If you get stuck I could do some screen shots of settings.
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply and the link to the plug in. I'm a little confused though - I looked at the manual for the plugin and it shown saving the text file to a hard drive on a computer. So how does this information get to your streaming system/player? Do you have to constantly upload it to somewhere?


Hello Gordon,

There is a handy "plug in" for a one off £3 that puts the track playing in a file.

With this, the track metadata appears. 

It works with PlayIt Live's own streamer and B.U.T.T. to my knowledge.

If the place the track text file is put is visible to any other streaming system I think it would work with that.

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