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Stream URL Not Playing

I have setup an audio stream so that I can do shows live from my house & program it into PlayIt Live.

I tested it on PlayIt Live on my home PC & it worked, but whenever it's in the studio it says stream not playable.

I am using the same version of the software on both PCs.

Hello Josh,

Are your studio PC and your home PC on different Internet connections ?

Can you "see" your studio PC from your home PC ?

I guess you connect to a Shoutcast/Icecast server on the home PC and the studio PC connects to the stream on the Shoutcast/Icecast server.

Can the studio PC play that stream ?

Can you explain a little more about the setup ?

Hi Mark

Yes, they are on separate connections, it is a Shoutcast stream. The studio PC won't play it, but the PC that is broadcasting it will play it.


Hello Josh,

Where is the Shoutcast server ?

You would see what you describe if the Shoutcast server were running on the home PC.

If you have (say) a phone on a 3G connection can that play the stream (or at least see the Shoutcast web page) ?