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Stream URL Not Playing

I have setup an audio stream so that I can do shows live from my house & program it into PlayIt Live.

I tested it on PlayIt Live on my home PC & it worked, but whenever it's in the studio it says stream not playable.

I am using the same version of the software on both PCs.

Hello Josh,

Where is the Shoutcast server ?

You would see what you describe if the Shoutcast server were running on the home PC.

If you have (say) a phone on a 3G connection can that play the stream (or at least see the Shoutcast web page) ?

Hi Mark

Yes, they are on separate connections, it is a Shoutcast stream. The studio PC won't play it, but the PC that is broadcasting it will play it.


Hello Josh,

Are your studio PC and your home PC on different Internet connections ?

Can you "see" your studio PC from your home PC ?

I guess you connect to a Shoutcast/Icecast server on the home PC and the studio PC connects to the stream on the Shoutcast/Icecast server.

Can the studio PC play that stream ?

Can you explain a little more about the setup ?