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Encoder problem

I have downloaded the encoder and have tried to configure it to connect to Shoutcast V2 and option that is listed in the drop down box. Having entered all of the data required as supplied by Shoutcast on trying to stream I get the message 'Failed to connect, unknown error' .. Any help will be appreciated.

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Also do you need to enter a figure in SID ?

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Hello David, Is the server address correct? Generally with Shoutcast servers, if you put the address and port into a browser you see a page. Your address and port doesn't give a page. Until that works I doubt the encoder will connect.


I have the same problem. I'm trying to stream to a shoutcast. I've followed Shoutcasts instruction on what information to put into configuration table. I append a screenshot for your convenience. Could you please help Jason? Many Thanks.


dps error.jpg
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Hi Stuart,

We already resolved this issue via a VIP ticket, but for the benefit of everyone else:

  • The username number you have entered should be entered into the SID box. And the username box should be left blank.