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Multiple mics

Is it possible to use multiple mics in PlayitLive - eg  Presenter and Guest mics - WITHOUT an external mixer - I'm trying to downsize the  real estate of my radio setup and want to make use of my  8x10 Audio Interface

Indeedn - thanks for your input - I'll let you know how3 I get on :)

Hello Mark,

Assuming the 8x10 is the K-Mix 8x10 it is an interesting device. Not necessarily a device I would immediately think of as a radio mixer but interesting.

How usable it is depends on whether you can put a stereo channel on one "fader" and how well the ASIO driver (there seems to be one) works with PlayIt Live.

It seems to be a "clever" device (a bundle of DSP) and attempts to be the one box musicians device.

I've been keeping an eye on such products. I quite like the Yamaha AG03 and might look at a similar device with more linear faders (ideally about 6 - 2 mic & 4 ASIO audio sources with faders and gain).

One feature I like about the Yamaha is that it can be configured via a PC removing rarely used controls but keeping the features if needed.

We seem to be some way from an affordable "nirvana" with a well featured mixer that can take direct PC connections for a few separate playout system channels on different faders and a couple of mics on faders for a few hundred pounds.

Behringer where are you with such a product ?

Hi Mark,

I'm afraid that only one microphone is supported with the Microphone Mix plugin. The plugin is actually designed as a stepping stone to using a hardware mixer so you are actually already at that stage. I would suggest sticking with your current setup with a mixing desk - it'll give you the most control.