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How to set the shoutcast settings ?

 How and is it possible to setting shoutcast V1/V2 in PlayItLive?

Hi Elroy

SHOUTcast settings can be entered by downloading and installing the Internet Broadcast plugin from the plugin gallery on PlayIt Live. The documentation for encoder configuration can be found here:

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Thank you Jason I've found it, it works smootly and so easy! Great software!! PS: The sweepers and jingles sounds louder than the music. I used Sam Broadcaster before, but this is much easier. Can i reduce the sweeper volume or i had to record this apart again with a lower volume or like that..... I tried to use standalone sweepers between tracks (before the next track starts) with overlapping but i can do this manualy to pause the next track and click on play then. My compliments for this stuff!!.


PS: I hope there will (also) come a dark version like this in the future. Would be stunning (again) !! ;-) Well done, good job Jason!


Hi Elroy,

Producers tend to compress sweepers and jingles more so they sound punchier. Currently there is no way to control the volume of individual tracks but I can understand your need for this. I would recommend dropping them into your favourite audio editor and reducing the volume using the Amplitude effect.

Thanks for expressing your interest in a dark version - this is something I am considering adding next year.



Okay, would be a simple solution so far. Great to hear! Thank you a lot for this!



You can adjust the volume(strictly subjective loudness) of files with MP3 gain.