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Adding music from hidden network share

Hey team,

First time poster here. After the recent developments of the software, I feel it's in a good place for us to see if we can deploy at our hospital radio station. We store our music library in a hidden network share (\\server\music$) but we can't add it as selecting a hidden network share isn't possible under the folder dialogue.

Whilst I'm browsing through the forum and reading the documentation, can anyone help and advise me if this is at all possible? Thank you :)


This is not something I have considered before. The only way I could recommend would be to map a network drive to your network share. Then the music would be available as a drive letter, such as M:\ which could be used to import music.

Hope this helps.



Hi Jason,

Thanks for your prompt response. This solution wouldn't quite give me the desired result, I'm sorry to say. I'd prefer for the location of our music share to not be accessible through Windows Explorer. Having it visible as a mapped drive would mean people could explore the contents of the folder.

Currently, the select dialogue for selecting individual files to import allows for a hidden share address to be typed into the address bar. With the folder selection dialogue when wanting to import a folder though, this isn't possible. Could I ask if this is something you'd consider changing in the future to allow for network file shares to be used to import from? Either changing the type of folder selection box used or making it so an address could be typed in manually could be a solution.

If you or anyone else has any other suggestions then please do let me know. Thank you :)


Hi Andrew,

Please feel free to add this as a feature request here: so it can be considered for the future.