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Program log not following clocks

This is an issue that has been bugging me, on one PC I cannot get PlayIt Live to follow the clock schedule at all, it seems to just randomly generate tracks. Originally I thought it was somehow just not scheduling the liners but upon a closer look it just simply doesn't seem to recognize that I have a clock schedule in place for the entire day.

Is there possibly a button I am missing? I am using the latest version.

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UPDATE: This work around (changing colours and icons on the Jingle and Promo track groups) no longer works. I'm just getting random stuff. PIL is kinda doing it's own thing. Have I created a Monster? LOL

This is doing my nut. What am I missing/doing wrong? Can anyone help? Thank you.


Now, I may have solved the problem. When changing the Colours and Icons on the Jingle and Promo track groups, I put 10 into the priority box in that screen - why 10? Its the number I was on a PIL youtube video. Once I did that, the scheduler then updated to show Jingles and promos and the relevant colours and icons.

Should this really be the way to solve the scheduling problem?

I seem to be having a similar problem. PIL is not following the clock I set. The jingles are not playing, nor are the promos after the Fixed Time Marker.

I researched the issue and thought that maybe the playout policies were too harsh but noticed that I only applied a playout policy to the songs track group and not the other (Jingle and Promo) track group. I set a playout policy for the Jingle track group but that hasn't soled the problem.

I have deleted and restarted a few times but I'm not getting anything that I scheduled. I wonder if anyone has found a solution to this yet?

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Sorry guys, got it sorted. The playout policy was to strict.

Hi Everyone, I am using the latest version of PlayIt Live I created serval clocks and scheduled them and the layout log is still not following the clock I have followed all the instructions from the Video Jason posted. and still it will schedule random songs with ID after the first song of the hour. can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Images attached.

(1.59 MB)
(1.58 MB)
(1.84 MB)

As requested here is an explanation and demonstration of scheduling in PlayIt Live:

It would be really helpful to have a "typical" sample flow chart for a first run through the "Manage" toolbar tracks to groups to clock to operating.  I cannot get my clock to schedule but I'm certain it's me not the software, (it's so much more likely). The help files tell you what but they don't tell you how.

Also on my other playout software I have one button to "clear current schedule" and a confirm button. I can then load a new one and test it instantly.  I cannot easily see how to do that.  Advice welcome.


Update: It follows it for the first few songs then stops running songs and just schedules liners with nothing else.
Mine didn't start working until I told the first item in the clock not to segue, then it finally filled the clock and the program follows it. The log generation can take awhile it seems.

That's weird that it is locking up like that.

I finally had some success with my issue.  I just schedule the playout log for about 12 hours in advance. The program recognizes the playout log and plays what I have scheduled.

Got the clock working right, only problem now is the program locks up on the final hour it tries to schedule. Takes up as much CPU as it can and just sits there spinning for eternity trying to schedule that final hour.
I scheduled the clock by clicking on Monday at the midnight position and went from there, setting repeat daily and highlighting the times I want the clock to run. The only thing I did not set was "every" with the number drop down menu. It didn't appear to make a difference what number I set it to.


Hi Alex,

The thing that is standing out is the Schedule Clocks screen. It does not look right, they should look like this and should always be an hour in length:

Because they are not shaded in light blue, this indicates your clocks have no duration. The user interface should be enforcing a duration of one hour when you schedule an item.

Please could you tell me the steps you take when scheduling a clock?



System information.

(331 KB)

The Screenshots show that the log generator is ignoring the clocks and is following the playout pattern instead.

(266 KB)
(235 KB)
(235 KB)
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(261 KB)
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