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How to find a theme tune

Hey, does anyone know the best way for me to find out what this (attached) tune is?

I'm hoping to find the proper full version to use in my radio show.



(392 KB)

I assume that Shazam and Soundhound have failed you (they are my favorite ways of identification of songs).

The fall back is to ask an old anorak.

<Hood Up>

Your song will be......

"Scotch on the rocks" by "Force 10".

If you want a listen

For a CD copy look at


it looks quite an entertaining CD, perhaps I'll buy a copy.

<Hood Down>

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Hey man, that's fantastic!! Despite the anorak! ;-)

I did indeed try to Shazam it, but nothing came up (I didn't know about Soundhound). I just love this tune and didn't know who produced it or even what it was called, so thanks very much Mark. You're a star! :-)

I checked out the other link you posted but it's just a list of stuff I've not heard of and no way of getting any previews...shame that.

Thanks again. All the best.



what would be the best theme tune for our station?

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