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Best News service compatible with PlayIt

Hi all - could I have your recommendations please for the best hourly news service which you've found to work with PlayIt?



East London Radio

& Barts Radio

FSN works pretty good also if you don't mind being an hour behind sky radio news is a good one to use FSN only dose news in the week not ant the weekends only draw back

Radio News Hub.     

Northern studio's have 2 formats.      One is a full service of news along with weather.    second is a shorter version of news along with Weather .

You will need to speak to them on prices which we found very  attractive to us a very small station.

24 hour news along with weather.

Using Dropbox which works  but you have to ensure that that once you receive  your first files via dropbox that you edit the 2 files to ensure  that the file names are changed using the edit facility to ensure you remove the following properties from  each file.   Under description click on the box that is named TITLE to clear the field ONLY.    Repeat on the second file and all should be ok.   

If stuck, give me a shout.


Peninsula Radio

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