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You need station ID's and jingles, right?

Community voice swap!
PlayIt Software products are downloaded by professional radio programmers, producers, technicians and front line on air talent. We're all working passionately trying to keep our bottom line down whilst not compromising the quality of station output. That's why we use Playit Software. 

Help others to help you.
Use your own gear to record the required script and send it to the person in need. When you're in need of help with your next project, you'll also have a bunch of different voices reading your script/s. Pick the best talent for your project! 

Comment below to register your interest in this idea.
Eventually when enough folks are interested, we'll discuss the finer details of how this idea will work for the PlayIt community.


Sounds like a great idea. I am a Presenter and always looking for new voices for jingles etc. :) 

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Very cool idea!

I'm Dutch, but thanks to a Cambridge University course it shouldn't be any problem to record things in English.
So I'm available, if you need any voice work. I can't add fancy effects or anything -- you'll just get the raw recording.

If you'd like an idea of what I sound like, here are some radio recordings:

Enjoy the airwaves,


Hi Daan Berg and Elaine Lamb, Thank you for making yourself known. Let's wait until seven other people have found this post and said hello. The talent only read and record the script provide as best they can with the gear they have. The script owner is responsible for all production time. Want to get involved? Reply & follow this thread. 

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I've been using talent from to cut all my liners, promos, and IDs.  There are hundreds of people to choose from, ranging from rank beginners to seasoned major market and network air talent - using their own (and very often, broadcast-quality) equipment and sound studios.  Go to the site and search "voiceover", you can listen to audition videos and choose someone who fits your style.  Oh, did I mention it only costs $5 per "gig?"  Yep!  Five measly bucks!   I have a guy who used to work for Westwood One in L.A. on all my IDs.  For the bulk of what I had him cut, plus I tipped him because I was so pleased with his work, it only came to like $35 in all.  To hire someone of that caliber through normal channels would have cost hundreds of dollars. 

Your first thought might be, "How can these people make any money if they're only charging $5?"  Most are doing it for fun and to be helpful, but the low price also creates volume.  Some of these people get thousands of fiverr "gigs."  That can add up to a nice income!

But also beware... there are MANY amateurs on there trying to break into voice work who have good demos, but their actual work and/or equipment is less than stellar.  I *have* pulled a  couple of duds from fiverr.  While most of them will offer to recut something you're not happy with, I didn't bother because it was simply a lack of talent in those cases.  But, hey, they were just $5, so no harm no foul.

Be forewarned... you can spend HOURS perusing the wares there!  LOL.  Just a friendly heads-up!  ;)


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Hello Hy Candescent, Thanks for sharing. Great tips!
i would like this also as my station sometimes wants to change its id package and voiceovers. even if possible some programmes.


Is this still an option?
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