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Been over a day now...Cannot activate this software

All I get is incorrect format or License key not active.. I am following the code to the letter..changing the only Oh to zero included.. nothing.  Would like to try this software but no luck in getting started.. been 24 hours so far with about 6 attempts to do this.

GENCO3515-PC Machine Code: DC650-5414A-664A2-BF4AA

Client ID: DAVBAN304

Licence Key: 6BA1E-723BF-93FAE-1B1D4-DE15E-91458-0DE46

Expires: 01 November 2016

 Hmm I'm probably missing something... but where do I find the reply ?

"Hi David,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble activating. Please can you confirm that you trying to activate PlayIt Recorder, as that is the application you have selected. Licence keys are of the format A to F and 0 to 9. Please ensure you do not enter an O for a 0 or an I for a 1.

Please let me know if you are still having trouble.

Kind regards,


PlayIt Software developer"

Dave, I'm having the same problem. I even copied and pasted and got the same results. Any luck yet? If so, care to share the secret?

Hi Steve,

I have replied to your email.


Using Playit Cartwall, I cannot seem to find the licence details on my Accounts page.  Machine IDs and codes as well as my userid are all displayed, as well as  a button to download the licence file, but I cannot see any licenses themselves.  What am I missing?


Hi Dave,

Please can you ensure you are using v2 of PlayIt Cartwall as the licence format has changed. In general, you should only need to log into the software with your PlayIt Software account and it should take care of the rest.

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