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Importing tracks freezing


While importing tracks from random folders from my harddisk, playit stops/freeze importing tracks on the same random folders.
There is no problem with these folders in windows explorer or other broadcast automation programs.

example: Importing file 6997 of 104000 files......
the screen stops with importing and the only option is to hit the back button or cancel button.

Same with other folders at random folders it stops.

Started all of over again a few times with other importing options from the 3 choices and still same problem.

Would like a solution to fix this problem.

Best regards from the netherlands.

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Problematic track files can cause the import process to get stuck. Please ensure the integrity of your tracks files. I have seen files which claim to be an MP3 but are actually an MP4 inside which can cause confusion for the software.

I would recommend importing your track files in batches so you can determine which files are problematic. This would also mean you would not lose your work after 7000 tracks.

Additionally, I would seriously consider whether you need 100,000 tracks within your system. If the majority of these tracks would go unused, this would add unnecessary load to the system.

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