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Can someone answer me the following Questions please?

Aged 75, I've been using PIL for a few years now.  I'm not Technical, so answers please in the simplest form appreciated.

Every week, I set up a new file containing 40 mp3 tracks and then I transfer the whole file to to PIL.  Once the file has transferred to PIL, I then select the order of play, by clicking on each of the songs and putting them on the Playout System, it works well but is very time consuming.   QUESTION:  Is it possible to have all of my 3,000 plus music mp3's stored on PIL, to enable me to just select the songs I need to complete my show?  


Hi Sylvia,

You can add your songs into PlayIt Live by following the instructions on this video:

I use a library system such as media monkey to create a playlist, then Select all and transfer them to the playlist in play it live.

That way you can limit the tracks to your desire rather than all 3000 plus.

Hello Sylvia,

One observation with adding your MP3 files.

A directory structure that reflects how you think about your music will be very helpful.

It could be by date and by tempo or style. 

There is no "right" way of doing this but from bitter experience I would avoid the "one big bucket" approach. 

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