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PlayIT Live problem with Broadcasting to SHOUTcast server

PlayIT Live problem with Broadcasting to SHOUTcast server. The connection with the SHOUTcast server (SonicPanel) is successful, but a short interruption occurs during the playback of each song. Interruptions happen very briefly, maybe 1 second or 2 seconds. Currently, my Windows server on which I run PlayIT Live is connected via a private network to the SonicPanel server, so the latency of the connection between these two servers is almost non-existent. Does anyone know what's going on?

This is the result of the ping test

It's quite hard to tell.

I would experiment with a different streaming client (for example B.U.T.T. or Rocket Broadcaster)

Either should enable a test to see if the problem is within the Playit Live streaming client.

I'm wondering if the streaming server is upset by track metadata but it could be a number of things.

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