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Audio pausing right after segue

I have a brand new Dell laptop running the latest Playit Live on Windows 11.  My entire music library is on an external hard drive.  I have programmed a simple clock with 4 categories of music with segues only.   A few songs play fine. Then the next segue happens.   About a second or two into the new song the audio pauses for about two to five seconds then picks up playing.  This pattern happens over and over.  What ideas do you have.

This would be indicative of your hard drive going to sleep and then taking time to wake up again when the next song is needed to play. You may be able to stop Windows from sending your hard drive to sleep by following these instructions:

In general, I do not recommend using an external hard drive for audio for this reason.

Brilliant.  I just implement the change.  I’ll do some testing and let you know.  I haven’t had problems with the external HD in the past, but that was on the old laptop.  Thanks for the quick reply.  LF

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